The latest in heavy bag mounting applications and cargo management systems.

Raw Rail Design Overhead TuffRail with spring attached TRX and Heavy Back Mounted from 6ft TuffRail Gymnastics Rings Mount 28in TuffRail Mount 8ft TuffRail 50in TuffRail

For Gym and Heavy Bag Applications:

For Accessories:

The General

TuffRail Overhead Package:

The TuffRail General System makes mounting fitness equipment easy and convenient in homes and commercial gyms. This system is the ultimate space-saver for any size room.

If you looking to maximize your heavy bag workout, the TuffRail overhead rails are one of the most unique systems on the market because it allows you to slide your equipment from a stored position to a working position easily. It also allows you to mount multiple pieces of equipment along one rail!

Each TuffRail Overhead package comes with: (1) TuffRail (of desired length), (1) Slide TuffPin (heavy bag hanger), mounting hardware, End Screws (to keep the pin from falling out the end of the TuffRail).

To maximize your heavy bag routine, TuffRail can be mounting to almost any ceiling type including wood, concrete, or steel structures. TuffRail comes in lengths starting at 12" up to 8'. TuffRails can be connected together using connector pins, for continuous sliding from one rail to the next.

Overhead TuffRails do not feature exit holes along the rail, TuffPins can only enter/exit the TuffRail from either end. We provide end screws that do not allow the TuffPin to leave the rail while in use.

To Order:

Fitness Equipment TuffRails: select 'Order TuffRail for Heavy Bag Mounting'

*Order by Length TuffRails are ONLY for truck and Trailer Applications. Truck and Trailer and Overhead TuffRails are not universal and cannot be purchased for any other use than specified.

Its flexible design save you money and time.

Who can use TuffRail® ?
TuffRail® has been designed for all types of industries:

Kick boxing
Ariel yoga
Physical therapy
and many many more!

Let your imagination run wild with all that TuffRail® can do for you…….

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what lengths are TuffRail available in?

TuffRail® General is available in lengths up to 144" long. Common lengths we keep in inventory are: 1 foot (12"), 4 feet (48"), 6 feet (72"), and 8 feet (96").

Who distributes the TuffRail® product?

Since TuffRail® is a new product we are offering direct sales out of our facility near Milwaukee, WI. On-line ordering is available on our website. Our goal is to have packages available to distributors in major cities throughout the United States.

Your product is more expensive than some other products on the market. Why?

TuffRail® is a product that is more robust and versatile than the conventional cargo management system. All rails are extruded from high quality aluminum which is extremely durable. TuffPin™ pins are machined from solid stainless steel stock and have all stainless steel components. The TuffPin™ pin has more mass than the typical pin, so it can withstand more load force while fitting perfectly in your hand for easy manipulation. TuffRail® utilizes stainless steel hardware which is not only more durable and corrosion resistant, but does cost more to produce and manufacture. Our products are 100% made, manufactured, packaged, and assembled in the United States. Our products also offer a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Many less expensive cargo management products offer the same warranty for only 90 days. TuffRail™ uses state-of-the-art craftsmanship as well as design.

What is the load capacity of your product?

Although we are still processing the formal total load limit for the complete system from a professional source we have tested the TuffRail® General rail and TuffPin™ system in our facility. Those findings show that TuffRail® surpass' the competitive product lines tested to date. Formal testing on the General rail show a deflection point at 17,561 psi on the Von Mises yield criterion. We do plan on having formal stress test results of the complete cargo systems on the website once they are available. Future test results will be published once they become available. These will be in a load capacity format since the Von Mises yield criterion is not common outside engineering. Initial comparisons indicate TuffRail® more than doubles the working load capacity and break strength of competitor Anchortrax by Mr. Gasket (advertised at 1000lbs working limit and 3000lbs break).

What colors are TuffRail® available in?

TuffRail® is available in: Natural which is the raw bright extruded aluminum form, Clear anodized with a light etch, and black anodized with a light etch. More colors are available in the anodizing process so contact your sales representative for the latest colors.

Are additional TuffPin™ pins (locking pins) available for purchase?

Yes. Additional TuffPin™ pins are available for purchase on-line through our on-line store or through our inside sales representative. Be sure to specify your v rail design when ordering.

Can I run wires inside theTuffRail® rail?

Yes. Each TuffRail® design offers internal wire management.