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What makes TuffRail® the BEST cargo management system?

  • TuffRail® is as strong as ANYTHING you can mount it to and because of it's free rotating swivel will not apply undue strain at odd angles when securing a heavy load.
  • TuffRail® is attractive, using a low profile design, and available in bare, black, or custom finishes it will look great on your truck or trailer.
  • TuffRail® is the only adjustable sliding cargo rail made with pride in the USA. TuffRail® is the only cargo rail offered with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • The TuffRail® system makes loading and securing cargo -especially motorcycles, ATV's, and awkwardly shaped loads- easier, and faster. Using strong, easy locking TuffPin™ pins the system can be configured using just one hand while settling a heavy load.

Performance Mold in Germantown, WI will be performing final manufacturing on all TuffRail® systems. Read the press release. Visit our Online Store to view our products and packages now. Still not convinced? Contact our direct sales office via email or telephone. Our knowledgeable friendly staff is well versed and happy to help you with your configuration and offer custom cuts and colors for whatever application you need! Acknowledgements of Trademarks: Copyright ©2018 TRX, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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New Heavy Bag Mounting Application

This is the TuffRail® overhead rail for use in your basement, home gym, commercial gym, garage, or shop for hanging and sliding heavy bags and other heavy objects overhead.

What makes TuffRail® the TOP choice for mounting your fitness equipment?

  • TuffRail® allows you to slide your equipment to a stored location when not in use making this ideal for multipurpose rooms or rooms with confined space.
  • TuffRail® can be mounted to almost any ceiling or wall allowing you to bring a powerful workout to the comfort of your own home.
  • TuffRail® locking positions, lengths, and patterns can be custom tailored to fit your needs.
  • TuffRail® is easily adjustable allowing you to target different muscle groups and parts of your body.
  • TuffRail® is made from sleek, durable, attractive extruded aluminum that will never break, they will last forever!
  • TuffRail® comes with stainless steel TuffPins that can easily support a heavy bag 500+ lbs.
  • TuffRail® works perfectly in commercial gyms freeing up space for a variety of classes.

TuffRail® Product News

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TuffRail Heavy Bag Demo

Click on the above video to see how easy TuffRail® is to use for a heavy bag application!

ATV Hanging

This ATV is hanging from 1 foot of TuffRail® and 1 TuffPin™!